company name change

Why to register a company?

Have you been considering about the company registration process needs for all kinds of business ? Not all business fields needs the registration process. It is particularly for the small scale sectors. Any other kind of business should register their business involving the company incorporation. So, the business needs to be registered with the commencement of DBA.


Doing Business As (DBA)

The company transactions are registered legally. The business enterprises may be already or newly completed and established with the company registration procedures. The registration must wants their business to follow this DBA. The Company’s legal name should be the business organization or the name of the person.

Do all business entities needs DBA?

The DBA procedure changes for the city or country were the business is live for the company registration process. The common rule for the businesses requires following DBA.

Partnership Company

If you are start a new company without using any real name then DBA is need to be followed for the below registration.

LLP Company

If your business is already been incorporated and established needs to change the company name then DBA procedure is followed. The DBA procedure is for getting an identification, but it is not compared to trademark registration procedures for the type of business. So trademark protection is varied from DBA for the company’s transactions and assets.

Company Registration

The legal form of company registration in LLP, Partnership or any other form of business. Simply, the common type of business entities in India is Private Limited Company. So, company registration process is mandatory for every business success in their market.

Get license

The license is important for every business to start their new company. The business entities or their field are different, but their license process is to perform their regular activities. It is the rule to follow by the government point of view. After getting your company registration certificate, you can get any kinds of license for your business needs.

Tax authority registration

Business owners are to pay their tax for their business activities. It should be maintained by getting the rights to permit from tax authorities. So company registration is the best requirement for the business and their actions are safe in the market. Legal support is important for every business sectors to avoid problems with the tax authorities and public. If the business enterprises who wants to register their company can contact the professionals from Solubilis Bangalore at any time.


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