Top 5 features of company registration in India

Let us start learning about the important facts about company registration in India. There are many peoples who can frequently asking questions about company registration process. It may be for their new start up company in their cities. So, the company registration process have certain rules and regulations. As a leading business consultant, Solubilis will help you to register your company.

Top 5 features of company registration in India

Here we know about the features of company registration in India. Every business have a name and it is registered properly.

A single owner of the company?

Private limited company (PVT) is the most commonly registered business entities in India. In a Private Limited Company, the minimum shareholders in a company is to be two. As a single shareholder, they can include their parents or any other relatives as the second shareholder in a company.

Why Private Limited Company ?

Company Registration in Bangalore

The private limited company is the successful business entities in Bangalore. The business owners hold all the company shares in private. Only two persons are required to form a private limited company registration. A private limited company can have maximum of 200 members. The important benefits of private limited company is limited liability. It is treated as a single entity, the company is trustable for all debts in their making. Forming a private limited company protects the interests of an investor. The minimum capital of Rupees 100,000 is required to form a private company in India.

Do you know the company registration process

(i) Obtain the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) from online. If you are processing to an consultants, they can get this from online.

(ii) Choose your company name and it is related to your business type.

(iii) When the above registration steps are completed, then it can processed to Memorandum of association (MOA) and Articles of association (AOA).

(iv) Finally, the company incorporation certificate is applied.

Shareholders in a private limited company

There can be minimum of two and maximum of 50 shareholders in a private limited company.  The  company must have a minimum of 2 Directors and  a maximum of fifteen Directors.


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