Private limited company and LLP company registration

The private limited company and (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership  both company registration process for a business provided entire saving for the helps. The company registration is based up on the Company’s act 2013 to every business entities. There are certain procedure for incorporating every company registration process in Bangalore.

The nature of business and the persons related in it subjects for the decision of top legal form to register. There are some legal forms in India can be suit to register for the companies. The most important business entity is Private limited company and (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership company. Here we are known about the basic differences in LLP company and Private limited company registration in some factors. There are certain legal forms as follows for both private limited company registration and LLP company registration.

Company Registration Process

The private limited company registration and LLP company registration has processed under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. But, the both company’s act has may be varied. There are certain rules for incorporating every company’s in India. When you are compared to other states in India, the private limited company registration mostly done in Bangalore cities.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Company

LLP Registration in Bangalore

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) has two forms of business associations namely the ” company ”  and the ” partnership firm “.  Every limited liability partnership have at least two directors. The LLP company registration is processed with the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) under the LLP act 2008.

Any individual or body corporate is a partner in LLP under the act 2008. Any person who becomes a partner in LLP in accordance with the LLP agreement. An LLP is body corporate incorporated and formed under the LLP act 2008. It is a legal entity apart from that of its partners. Upon registration, an LLP shall become a separate legal entity.

Every LLP have two designated partners and It is mandatory one of them is a resident in India. Every partner in the LLP may take part in the company managements. The LLP use the word ” Limited Liability Partnership ” or “LLP” as the last of the company name. A LLP registered under the LLP act 2008.

Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

A private company can have a maximum of 200 members, up from 50 in the companies act 1956. The private limited company registration contains two or more persons to be formed a private company under the act 2013. The name ” Private Limited” is included with your company name at the last word. The registration of a company is processed with the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) under the act 2013.

If a company limited by shares, that members liability is  limited with outstanding amount , if any on the shares held by them. In the case of a company limited by guarantee, the amount is contributed with each members of the company. The private limited company has a separate entity and it is being registered under the companies Act 2013. On the registration of the memorandum of a company, the registrar issued a certificate that the company is incorporated.

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