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How to register a company in Bangalore ?

The new company registration or a start up in Bangalore has certain procedures. A company or start up has some official procedures has to follow to register your company in Indian official records Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It has to made company registration process in online. The company registration contains Digital Signature Certificate(DSC), Director Identity Number(DIN) and filing for an e-Form.

In Bangalore, there are about 5 lacks registered companies and every month thousands of company is applying for their registration. A company is registered and formed under the companies act 1956. Every company is registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). It is to be registered by the registrar of companies (ROC) for the state. The two major registration is maintains in this act called private limited company and public limited company. First, you need to know what are these private and public companies. It decides which company is to get registered your business.

Company registration includes four major steps

It is important to registered your company in Bangalore. It makes to avoid legal problems in your company. Bangalore is the best place to start a new company, no matter in which field of your business are. Starting a business in Bangalore would get you huge success. Company Registration is mandatory in Bangalore.

  • Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)
  • Obtaining Director Identification Number(DIN)
  • Filing an eForm or New user registration
  • Company Incorporation

When it comes to company registration, the two major options for every companies :

  1. Private Company
  2. Public Company

Differences Between Private and Public Companies

Minimum 7 persons are needed to register a public limited company and for private limited company only 2 persons.

The maximum number of a member in a private company can have 50 and a public company have any number of members in a company.

A private company can start their business immediately, but a public company can’t start their business.

A public company can have three directors and a private company can have two directors.

The minimum paid capital of a private limited company can have Rs.1 lakh and a public limited company can have Rs.5 lakh rupees.

Company registration procedures


The Integrated Incorporation Form (INC-29) will integrate the methods for getting Name Approval Application, Director Identification Number (DIN) and Incorporation Application into a single step of process. The company registration can have four major procedures. Here we can see about the four registrations.

Director Identification Number (DIN)

The first process of company registration is that to get your Director Identification Number (DIN). Each director of the company should get their identification number. A Director Identification Number (DIN) is mandatory for every director of the company. To obtain DIN one need to register a eForm in DIN-1. The DIN-1 form is available in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Apply your DIN in the MCA Website.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

A valid digital signature is required to submit all your documents in electronically. It is the fastest way to submit your documents electronically. The DSC’s have one to two years validity. Register your DSC in he MCA Website. The MCA needs that all companies should have their DSC. Because all the applications are registered in online.

Choose your company name

To register a company in Bangalore, you must have a unique company name. It is approved by the registrar of companies (ROC). You have to choose four potential names for your company. Before register your company , it is advisable to check your company name is already registered. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MOA) keeps a website where you can check your company name is already registered or not.

Preparing Application for Registration

After you have checked company names and acquired your DSC and DIN. You are ready to process the company registration application. It must be registered in online with registrar of companies (ROC). This is the final steps of your company registration procedure which contains incorporation company name, registering the office address or notice for appointment of manager, secretary and company directors or notice of situation of office.

  • Form-1: Application form for change or availability of a company name. You can apply for new company name in the MCA. It will suggest four different form of your company name. You have to select one company name. You may will Form-1A and submit.
  • Form-1 : for declaration or application for incorporation of a company. In Form-1 you have to fill the same company name which you have selected in the list.
  • Form-18 : This form for notice of the new company office of situation or change of situation of your previously company registered office. For a new company registration you have to fill the form with your valid company address to submit in the form.
  • Form -32 : For a new company, Form-32 is for appointment of new managers, directors and secretaries. For an existing company, this form is for change their company managers, directors and secretaries.

After, completed this forms, the application has been approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MOA). You will get a confirmation email for your new company registration. The status of the form will get changed and approved. Once the ROC issues a certificate of incorporation, you are ready to start your business in Bangalore.

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