Private limited company registration details

Private Limited Company is one of the important business entity in India. A company is that the financial liability of shareholders is limited to their shares. This Company shares are owned by Directors and Promoters. Private Limited Companies minimum number of shareholders should be 2 only and maximum 50. It is compulsory to register your company in India. If anyone to know how to register a private limited company. We can guide you to the complete registration process.

Private Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

  • Obtain DSC (Digital Signature of Directors)
  • Getting a DIN ( Director Identification Number )

Digital Signature of Directors

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) is an electronic format of physical or paper certificates. Few Examples of physical certificates are drivers’ licenses, passports. It can be presented electronically to prove one’s identification, to make services or information on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally. For company registration, DSC is required to incorporate your company.

Director Identification Number

 Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique identification number given to an existing or potential director of any company which is incorporated. The main purpose of DIN was to keep the data base of the Directors of incorporated companies and completed information about the directors so they not able to cheat anyone.

  • Name Availability Check & Application for Name Reservation/ Approval
  • Minimum Requirements 2 share Holders and 2 Directors (share Holders and directors can be same Person)
  • One of the directors shall be resident in India

Basic Documents are needed for Director and shareholders

  1.   Proof of identity
  2.   Proof of residence

Proof of identity

  • Passport
  • Election (voter identity) card
  • Aadhar  Card
  • Driving license

Proof of residence

Proofs Like as Electricity bill, Landline bill or Mobile Bill and should be in the name of applicant

 Additional information Requirements

  • Rent Agreement
  • Place of Registered office of the Company EB Bill, Gas Bill, House Tax Receipt
  • NOC from the land owner for proof of Registered office of the Company

 Name Availability

Company Registration in Bangalore starts with filing of an application for the name of the company.  The chosen for your company name should be unique. Normally, the concerned ROC approves the company name within 2 days. If the applied name of your company is not same or similar to any other existing company name, the proposed name is in accordance with the regulations for availability of name is provided by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).


On obtaining the company name from ROC, the following documents are required to be drafted in line with the needs of companies act under the rules 2013.

  1. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  2. Articles of Association (AOA)

The MOA and AOA is finalizing your registration process, the necessary stamp duty requires to be paid the same. It should be signed/subscribed by the promoters in his own hand and signature. The promoter is writing his name, fathers name, residential occupation and address with his own handwriting. A registered company can approve these documents through a treater is certified by specific power of attorney by the company.1

 Filing and Registration

After completion of MOA and AOA, the following forms are filed in the MCA website:

  • Form 1 (Declaration)
  • Form 32 (Director Details )
  • Form 18 (Registered Office of the company details).

The ROC office will audit the company incorporation documents. If the documents are found in laws, the Company will be registered and the registrar will issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

Private Company can start their business immediately after receiving the Certificate of Incorporation. As a leading business consultant in Bangalore, we help our customers to meet their required services with immediately.


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