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Registration of Charges

1. It shall be the part of every company incorporating a charge within or outside India for their assets or property or any of its undertakings. It is placed in India or outside India. Where the particulars of the charge can register and signed by the proposed company. The charge holder of the company together with the instruments. If it is incorporating any such charge of such payment in their form of fees as may be prescribed. It is created with in 30 days by the registrar.

Registration of creation or modification of charge

It is provided in sub-section (1) of section 77, 78 and 79 for registration of charge. The specific charge together with the copy of the address. If any modifying or creating the charge in Form No. CHG-1 or Form No.CHG-9. It is signed by the charge holder and the company and filed with the registrar with in 30 days.

If the specific charge are not filed within the same period. But the charge is filed within a period of 300 days of modification or creation. Then the additional fees shall be raised.

The specific charge is fails to register by the company with the Registrar 30 days for its creation or modification. The specific charge together with a copy of the instrument. Such these kind of charge may be filed by the charge-holder.

A copy of every instrument showing any modification or creation of charge. It is mandatory to be filed with the registrar. It is verified under the section 77, 78 and 79  in the following steps :

(i) Where the deed or instrument identifies only to the property is placed outside India. The copy is verified by a certificate. It is provided with the seal of the proposed company or given to company secretary or any director of the company. An authorized officer of the charge holder or other than the company person who is interested in the charge or mortgage.

(ii) Where the instrument or deed relates that the property is located in India. The copy is verified by a certificate and it is given to company secretary or any director of the company or an authorized officer of the charge holder.

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