Prepare minutes of proceedings of a board or general meeting ?

1.Enter the minutes of the meeting giving a fair and correct summary of the proceedings thereof in separate books for general and board meeting as well as committees thereof within 30 days of the conclusion of the meeting concerned.

2.Circulate within 15 days from the date of your company‘s board meeting or committee meeting or of an adjourned board draft minutes thereof to all the members of the board or the committee.

3. The minutes will not be attached by way of pasting or otherwise.

4.Each page of the minute book will be initialed or signed. The last page of the minutes of each meeting in the minute book will be dated and signed.

5. State in the minutes the serial number, place, time of conclusion and commencement of the meeting.

6. The date of entering the minutes is specified in the minutes book.

7. In the case of a general meeting, state the names of members who attended the meeting and others attending in other capacity.

8. State the precise nature of actual business transacted in the meeting and also formal propositions made and decisions ultimately taken on them.

9. Give extracts of minutes of board meeting only after they are duly signed.

10. Ensure the following:

(a) the minutes of an earlier meeting are noted at the next meeting.

(b) in case of minutes of meetings of any committee of your company‘s board or directors, they are circulated to the board of directors along with the agenda for the meeting of the board next following.

(d) in the case of a board meeting, the following inter alia are included :

(i) the names of the directors present at the meeting.

(ii) the names of the directors, if any, dissenting from or not concurring in the resolution.

(e) in addition to the names of directors present at the meeting the names of persons in attendance and the names of invitee.

(f) apart from the resolution or the decision, the board minutes also mention the brief back ground of the proposal.

(g) in the board minutes the names of directors who dissented or abstained from the decision and an interested director did not participate in the  vote are recorded in the minutes.

(h) wherever any approval of the board or the committee of the board is taken on the basis of certain papers laid before the board or the committee thereof, proper identification by initialing of such papers by the chairman or by the company secretary. A reference thereto should be made in the minutes.


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