Important messages for e-filing under MCA21

MCA21 e-Governance project is in the process of being implemented in different locations. Once operational, all services are available in electronic mode and documents are required to be e-filed. There are certain pre-requisites and general guidelines for all the stakeholders to make this initiative successful. Please go through the various steps and take action accordingly:

Important messages for e-filing under MCA21

View and verify the company master data

The ministry has scanned and digitized the annual returns/balance sheets and permanent records for the last two years in respect of all active companies. The process of scanning and digitization of the records of inactive companies is in progress. All efforts have been made to clean the database of the companies whose records have been digitized. However, a situation cannot be ruled out where the information captured in respect of a company in the database is inaccurate or missing in certain aspects. The Ministry’s endeavor is to create a clean and accurate database in respect of all the companies.

Accordingly, all the companies are requested to view the basic company information by going to “Other Services” and then to “View Company Master Data” for the purpose of verification of basic company information. In case the data provided therein is correct, you may write to the ROC concerned confirming the data is correct. In case the information is not correct/missing in respect of any field, you should take a print out of the sheet and write the correction against the relevant field, you should take a print out of the sheet and write the correct information against the relevant field, enclose a copy of the proof evidencing the filing of such information with the ROC and send the same to the ROC by post/courier/in person.

View and verify index of charges

The companies need to file form 8 in connection with the modification/satisfaction of charges. The system requires a reference to the document ID vide which the charge was created in the first instance of modified at a subsequent stage and only when the subsequent transaction goes through. The Ministry has scanned and digitized all the subsisting charge documents and the index of all such documents is available for viewing without any charge. For this, please go to “Other Services” and then to View Index of Charges.

It is possible that certain charge documents may not be available in the database. This could be due to various reasons. In many cases, the company is not filed the latest status, especially with regard to the satisfaction of charges. Therefore, all the companies/representatives may view the Index of charges and inform the ROC about the missing document reference along with a copy of the document vide which the charge was last registered/modified.

Apply for DIN

 The concept of DIN has been introduced under MCA21 e-Governance Programme. All the existing directors applied for DIN and it is mandatory also.

Procure Digital Signature Certificates

As the MCA21 e-Governance project goes live progressively at different locations/ROC offices, the companies would be required to switch over to e-filing. Use of Digital Signatures by the authorized representatives of the company required to sign the documents and the professionals providing these services is a pre-requisite to enable e-filing. As such, all the company authorized signatories of the companies/professionals who file documents on behalf of the companies are required to obtain DSCs to enable e-filing.

A-class 2 digital signature certificate is a mandatory requirement for this purpose. There are seven authorized certification agencies and you may get DSC from any one of them as per your own choice. The details of these certification agencies are available on the website of the Ministry. Typically, the DSC would include the cost of the medium (one time cost), the cost of verification towards issuance of DSC and the renewal cost.

Digital Signatures for Banks / Financial Institutions also

The banks and financial institutions sanction loans and advances to the companies against creation of charge on the assets of the companies. The charges so created are required to be registered with the ROC under the provisions of the act 1956. The request for registration of charge is filed in the office of the ROC in Form-8. This form is since required to be authenticated by an authorized representative of the company, the Bank/FI and a professional through digital signatures.

Facilitate e-filing: bring soft copy of the e-form

The e-filing has already been in operation at ROC locations having gone live. Facilitation centres are being set-up at 53 locations throughout the country is to facilitate e-filing. Keeping in view that all the stakeholders may not have acquired digital signatures, the role-check on this account has been relaxed till 30th June. The ROC/PFO staff facilitates e-filing using its own DSCs. In the process, the hard copy of the form filled and signed manually is scanned as an attachment to the e-Form.

Electronic mode of payment of statutory fees is faster

The MCA21 system provides for the facility of payment of statutory fees through multiple modes i.e.

(i) Off-line payment through a challan generated by the system and payment of fees at counter of the notified bank branches through DDs/Cash.

(ii) On-line payments through Internet Banking and Credit cards.

In case a stakeholder chooses to pay through the off-line method (i.e., over the counter in a bank branch), it takes about two to three days’ time for the bank to intimate the realization of payment to the MCA21 system and your transaction gets passed on to the back office for processing only after payment is recognized by the banking system.

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