Do you wish to convert a firm into LLP?


A firm may convert into an LLP following with the section 55 of the LLP act 2008.

A firm may convert into an LLP only if the LLP partners into that the firm is to be converted which include all the partners of the firm.

Select about your designated partners between the firm partners are minimum two.

Create an application in Form No.7 for every designated partner for allocation of designated partner identification number (DPIN) with a fee of Rs.100/- to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) of your current location. The LLP will be placed electronically after owning it signed digitally by the applicant.

Select the conditions of Rule 10 of the LLP Rules, 2009 and include the documents specified in sub-rule (2).

Choose a name for the suggested LLP and make that minimum six options are provided for availability of name.

Create an application in Form No.1 for statement of name with an amount of two hundred rupees to the aforesaid ROC electronically and have it signed by one of firm partners after getting an authorization of sign and give the application.

The registration document for the suggested LLP in Form No.2 with all attachments with the related ROC electronically and the payment fees is specified in the Annexure A of the LLP rules, 2009.

Follow the rules provided in topic 13 for registration document as specified above for convert.

Create an application electronically to the related ROC in the format specified in Part A of Form No.17 together with the declarations of partners in format which specified in Part B  of  Form No.17 with the fee as specified in Annexure A to the LLP rules 2009.

Make that the statement specified above includes the following:

The registration number and name, if applicable of the firm.

The firm registration date under the Indian Partnership Act 1932.

Include the following to Form No. 17:

Registration statement and document in Form No.2 is filed electronically.

Statement of firm partners is to be developed in tabular form.

Declaration of Assets and Liabilities of the firm properly verified as true and improve by the chartered accountant in use.

File all the creditors on with their approval to the conversion to be provided in the form of a tabular explanation.

Confirmation from any authority/body

Optional attachment, if any.

Have the form digitally verified by a designated partner or partner and also confirmed by the chartered accountant or cost accountant or company secretary.

Once the ROC is meet all the needs of the LLP act 2008 and provide a certificate of registration under his seal in Form No.19 is declaring that the LLP is on and the registered date is also mentioned in the LLP act 2008.

If the ROC ignores the LLP registration create an application to the NCLT within sixty days from the date of receipt of such prohibition or statement.

Change the Registrar of Firms with which the firm was registered under the Indian Partnership Act 1932 about the conversion. The LLP particulars in form no 14 within 15 days of the LLP registration date.

Make that for a term of 12 months starting the date of LLP registration within 14 days, all registrar conformance of the LLP has the following:

An announcement which was from the date of LLP registration changed from a firm into a LLP.

The LLP registration number and name, if mandatory of the firm from which it was changed.

Notice that any LLP which breaks the above conditions will be a fine amount of Rs.10000 and that you must pay in your location like Bangalore ROC.

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