Company name change as the name already registered

The application is made to the ROC by a company, National Capital Territory of Delhi and Haryana for a new name as company existing name has to be changed. The company name change was rejected by the ROC. Because it was similar with or too closely with the company name was already registered.

So, therefore it is resolved that a new application has to be made to the said ROC in a new company name…………Co. Ltd quickly.

Resolved further that the company secretary is managed to create an application on behalf of the company on with valid fee to the ROC and get approval and do any such things, matters, acts and deeds.

company name change

Availability of Names:

As the section provides that no company shall be registered by a name which, in the choice of the government. It is unappealing and that a name is similar with or closely matches with the existing company name. It is not be allowed the MCA has offered for deciding by creating of an application beforehand whether a suggested name is approved for registration.

Specified Rules and Form

All application for company name availability shall be in e-Form INC-1, followed by a fee of Rs.1000. The registrar shall provide the details within a day.

 Company Name Change

Explain that impact to the confirmation of the government and the shareholders company. The company name is changed from ABC PRIVATE LIMITED to XYZ PRIVATE LIMITED or various name as available by the ROC and it is agreed by the board of directors.

Explain further that Shri Meena, Director of the company and he is managed the required application for getting confirmation to the name change accordingly to the ROC like Bangalore and Delhi.

Rectify further that a massive general meeting of the company be convened on Tuesday 18th day of August 2015 at 11.30 A.M. at the company registration office in Bangalore.

Board meeting for confirmation of name

Choose about six names and obtain the similar as verified by the board in request of choices. The preferred names should specify to the extent possible the major object of the company.

Board Meeting

The company is created by the ROC, then keep again a board meeting for modifying the company name. In this meeting they can set time, date and place for the meeting.

Application for availability of name

Create an application electronically to the ROC in e-Form INC-1 provided in companies incorporation rules 2014. It is for availability of name by paying application fee of Rs. 1000 or you can pay the amount in online also.

General Meeting

Hold a general meeting and proceed with a special declaration for company name changes. The name change of transferor company cannot be pretended. But on scheme of amalgamation becoming valid without the company’s passing a special declaration for that reasons and getting confirmation of the government for change the name.

Company Name Change and Filing

File the particular declaration electronically on with e-Form No. MGT-14 within 30 days of the passing of the particular decision at the general meeting with the ROC concerned.

Application to ROC

e-Form INC-24 has been specified for the reason. Comply the same electronically for getting confirmation to name change and provide a new certificate of company registration with the below documents as attachments to the e-Form:

A verified accurate copy of the particular declaration.

Copy of any confirmation order obtained from the relative authorities.

If name change is due to change in major activity of the company. A certificate from CA regarding turnover points from new activity.

A copy of the statement or programme in part thereof. If the name change is as a result of company conversion from private limited company into public.

Noting of change

On receipt of new registration certificate, then note the name change on each copy of the MOA, Common Seal, Sign Boards, Letter Heads, etc.,

Intimation to stock exchange

In the case of public limited company whose shares are filed on a stock exchange.

Deletion/Addition of the word “Private”

No confirmation of the government is necessary where the only change in company name and deletion of the word “Private”, related on the conversion of public company into private company or private limited company into public company.

Entity of company not affected

The company name change does not affect the establishment of company or its continuity as the same body. It persists for all practical purposes of the same body with the same rights, liabilities and privileges.

Rule passed by court in old name

If a decree is gone through by the court in the past company name and it can be formed in a new name.

Proceedings in court

The company proceedings are started by its former name and it can be proceeding with its new name.

Stamp duty and change of name

The mere change of the company name did not mean that a new transaction took spot. By an additional agreement the changed name of the company was sought to be changed to the original agreement.

Name changes during amalgamation

The company name change can be done under the companies act 2013 of section 13. The amalgamation can be passing through the government acceptation in writing.  

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