Provisions relating to filing of applications

However anything to the opposed is included in this act and without prejudice to the conditions included in section 6 of the Information Technology Act 2000. The central government may change rules so as to need from such date as may be prescribed in the rules that –

Such prospectus, balance sheet, declaration, return, applications, articles, memorandum, particulars of changes or any other particulars or documents as may be necessary to be filed or delivered under this act or the rules made thereunder for company registrations and filing of documents.

Manner of conditions of filing

Every application, prospectus, declaration, return, financial statement, memorandum, particulars of charges, articles or any other particulars or document or any notice or any intimation or communication needed to be filed or processed or served in computer readable electronic form, in portable document format or in such other format has been mentioned in any rule or in form in respect of such application or document or form or statement to the registrar through the portal maintained by the government on its website or through any other website declared by the government.

In respect of certain documents registered that acts contains payment of stamp duty of website of the government. The stamp duty is collectable on such documents in the corresponding within an amount of 100 rupees. It shall file electronically and verifying by the registrar. It documents are exclude those which are mandatory to be filed for compounding of offences or applications to central government.

The company shall keep such documents duly stamped in authentic permanently for the documents that are connected to registration. All the provisions are related to the filing of a company.

Provided also that any relations (physically or electronically) and documents to be filed by an person shall include name, address, designation, membership number or DIN with the respective person is signing their documents in association. Provide also that no subject matter have details, unless they register their updated balance sheet and annual return with the registrar of companies except, –

  • Filing of order of court or other authorities
  • Compounding application
  • Application for removal of the auditor and
  • Balance sheet and Profit and Loss account
  • GNL-1 for making company active

Such document, notice, any communication or intimation as may be required to be delivered or served under this act, in the electronic form and validated.

Provisions relating to filing of applications

The companies (registered offices and fees) rules, 2014

Authentication of documents

An electronic model shall be certified by authorized signatories using digital signature.

The changes in secretaries or directors, the appointment of that forms relates, such secretaries or directors has to be registered by a company secretary or continuing director.

The professional and certified signatory if any, who verify e-form is manage quality of the e-form contents. Every person approved for authentication of e-forms, applications or documents etc. The electronic forms are necessary for registered under this act is certified by the directors of the company. The scanned image contains documents and it is original signed documents related to the e-forms or forms. The form or documents or application registered may have a control of professional issued to an Advocate or Cost Accountant or Company Secretary or Chartered Accountant who is in whole time performs thus assisted by board resolution to create report to approving.

Without prejudice to any other responsibility, in case of certification of any document, form, application or return under the act including misleading information or wrong or false or attachments by the person or omission of material fact. The digital signature certificate (DSC) shall be activated by the central government.

Provisions relating to filing

The central government keep for registering electronic forms, applications and documents for evaluation of documents. It’s all verified copies.

A portal or website to give access to the electronic registry.

The following e-forms are registered by companies such as One Person Company and small companies. The e-forms such as INC-21, 22, 28, DIR-6 and 12, MR-1, MR-2, GNL-3.

The following e-forms registered by companies such as One Person Company. It contains the following matters:

GNL-1: optional pre-certification by the company secretary or the cost accountant or chartered accountant.

  • DPT-3 – verification by auditors of the company
  • MGT-10 – verification by a company secretary
  • AOC-4 – verification by a chartered accountant

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