Documents for Company Registration

Documents Required for Different Types of Company Registration

Documents Required for Different Types of Company Registration

All the success stories of businessmen start from registering the company. Before registration, one must be aware of what are the documents needed for registering the company. In India, we call the company registration as the incorporation of the company.

The requirement of documents differs corresponding to the nationality of the person. Foreign nationals are the one who is not the natural citizen of our country. Indian nationals are the one who is actually an Indian. The requirements of proofs and papers differ accordingly.

Registration is a legal process that takes place before starting the company. It is like the businessman asks for approval to register the company and confirms his legal right to start the company.

Documents required for Indian Nationals

During the process of incorporating the company PAN card that is Permanent Account Number is essential for the Income Tax department. If you are the citizen of India then you must produce your PAN. This will also be used by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

It is necessary to check your details on the PAN card. Especially the name, it should not be different or wrongly registered in the PAN card, because anything that matters to the company that you are going to register will be associated with it.

Very important thing is, Ministry of Affairs use the PAN for all that matters regarding the company.

Address Proof

The name of the director should not be different in the pan card and in the address proof. Only the current address of the director can serve as the valid address proof. None of the below receipts can exceed more than 2 months from the date of issue. Any of the following can serve as address proof.

1)     Electricity Bill

2)    Election Card or Voter Identity Card

3)    Aadhaar Card

4)    Driving License

5)    Passport

6)    Telephone Bill

7)    Ration Card

Residential Proof

The residential address also expected to have the correct name of the director. It should be similar to the name registered in PAN Card. Any of the below documents will be the residential proof

1)    Electricity Bill

2)    Bank Statement

3)    Mobile Bill

4)    Telephone Bill

Documents required for foreign nationals.

Passport is must for the citizens of another country. Passport is the mandatory proof for the foreign nationals. The passport is expected to produce with the proper authentication. The government of his native land must authenticate the passport. If it was printed in the native language of the foreign land it should be translated into English.

Date of Birth is expected to be in the passport if not an additional document is required, it should have the proper Date of Birth. The proof for Date of Birth also expected to be attested by the officials.

 Address Proof

Address proof of the Foreign nationals should not older than a year. Name of the director should be as it was mentioned in his passport. As it is mandatory for the authentication of the Passport, Address proof will not be considered ideal without authentication.

1)    Bank Statement

2)    Residence Card

3)    Driving License

4)    Identity forms with the address which is issued by the government

If the documents are in a foreign language then it must be translated and signed by the authentic person who can attest the particular copy.

Residential Proof

The list that is created for the residential proof of Indian nationals will also do for the foreign nationals.

Documents for Company Registration

Documents required for Private Limited Company(NRI and Indian Nationals)

1)    Passport-sized photograph

2)    Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill

3)    Voter’s ID/Passport/Driver’s License

4)    PAN Card

  Note: All the above are expected to be in scanned format.

5)    Signature in a blank document which is called as Specimen signature. [only for directors]

These are the documents required for Private Limited Company

Note: Any one of the directors must self-attest the first three document.(Only for Indian nationals)

Note: The above first four documents must be notarized if he lives in non-common wealth country or in India. It should be apostle if he lives in a commonwealth country. (Only for NRI)


Documents Required For Directors And Shareholders Of Foreign Nationals

All the above first four documents are required that are used in Pvt Ltd.

Note: The above first five documents must be notarized if he lives in non-common wealth country or in India. It should be apostle if he lives in a commonwealth country.

Office Address Proofs

1)     Latest Rental Receipt

2)    Water Bill or Latest Electricity

3)    No-objection Certificate from the property owner

4)    Notarized Rental Agreement

5)    Deed of the property in English (in case of owned property)

Note: All the above must be in scanned and notarized if he lives in India or commonwealth country. It should be apostle and notarized by Indian Embassy if he lives in a non-common wealth country.


Documents required for the Public limited company.

A certificate of commencement of business is important, before starting the company. As per the Companies Act,  five lacks must be paid as the capital amount. The below list is also expected to follow.

1)    Address Proof of the directors and the shareholders.

2)   Identity Proof of the directors and shareholders.

3)    Utility Bill of the office that you have proposed.

4)    PAN Card of the directors and shareholders.

5)    DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of the directors.

6)    A No-Objection certificate from the landlord of your registered office.

7)    Memorandum of Association.

8)   DIN (Director Identification Number) of all the directors.

The above list of documents are required for Public Limited Company


Documents required for LLP   

1)    A photograph which is preferably on white background.

2)    Proof of the registered office address

3)    Residence Proof of Partners telephone bill, latest bank statement, electricity bill, mobile bill, or gas bill should be submitted as a residence proof.

4)    PAN card as the ID Proof of Partners of the partners

5)    Address Proof of the partners Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s license or Aadhar Card.

The above list of documents is required for registering LLP Company.

Documents Required For One Person  Company

The documents required for registering One Person Company are below.

1)   Passport Size Photograph.

2)   Address Proof

3)   ID Proof, passport/voter identity card/ driving license/ Aadhaar card.

4)   PAN Card


 Proof required  for Place of Registered office of the Company

1)    Gas Bill, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, House Tax Receipt.

2)     NOC from the landowner of the place where the company located.

3)    Rent Agreement.

These are the needs for registering the company

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