Companies authorized to register under the act

The word “company” involves any partnership firm, limited liability partnership, cooperative society, society or any other business entity designed under any other law which relates for registration under this act. With the instance and subject to the stipulations included in this clause, any company formed, whether before or after the beginning of this act, in execution of any act of parliament other than this act. A company is assurance or suggested and the registration shall not be invalid by reason.

Companies authorized to register under the act

Companies (authorized to registered) rules, 2014

This section relating to company registration and cases are secondary thereto shall be relevant mutatis mutandis for such registration:

Assign that there shall be 7 or more members for the causes of company registration under this sub-rule.

A company after getting accessible of name in terms of the conditions of section 4 of the act, shall assign the required papers and details to the registrar on with form no URC.1 in the following method namely:

For registration as a company limited by shares:

An index showing the names, addresses and works of all persons names therein as members with components of shares held by them specifically, showing individually shares assigned for consideration other than cash and determining, in cases where the shares are numbered may not clear more than six days before the day of requesting registration, were partners of the limited liability partnership (LLP).

A list presenting the details of persons suggested as the first directors of the company, their names and also their family names and surnames, passport number, DIN and residential addresses and their interests in other firms.

A verification from each of the persons suggested as the first directors that he is not eligible as a director under sub-section (1) of section 164 and that all the documents registered with the registrar for company registration includes details which is correct and complete to his knowledge.

A list including the names and addresses of the LLP partners.

A copy of the act of parliament or other than Indian law, bye laws, deed of partnership or company regulating and correctly validated in the method provided in sub-rule (4).

A declaration mentioning the following details:

The normal share capital of the company and the number of shares into which it is gained.

The amount paid on the total shares of a company.

Company name with the word include “Limited” or “Private Limited” as the case may need.

Written agreement from the majority of members whether by proxy or the person in present in a general meeting for approving registration.

For registration as a company limited by guarantee or as an unlimited company:

 A list indicating the names, addresses and occupations of all members, who on a day not being more than six clear days before the day of requesting registration of the company members.

A list indicating the special persons suggested as the first company directors, their names, containing family names or surnames, DIN, residential address.

An instrument from each of the first directors which is not disqualified to be a director under section 164 and which all the documents filed with the registrar for company registration includes details which is truly complete.

A list including the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) partners names and addresses.

A company registered as a limited by guarantee.

Written consent from the most of the members whether the person is present in a general meeting is confirming for their new company registration.

An affidavit correctly notarized from all partners or members providing that in the matter of company registration. The required papers or documents shall be submitted to the registering or other jurisdiction with which the company was registered earlier for its termination as LLP.

The list of directors and members and any other persons relating to the company which are need to be provided to the registrar shall be correctly verified by the statements of any two or more proposed directors or the two or more designated partners of LLP.

A company is registered under the Indian Companies Act 1882 or 1913 or 1956 shall not register in execution of this clause.

A company is filed under limited by guarantee, the agreement to its being so registered shall be showed by a statement mentioning that each member should handle to provide the company assets.

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