Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration in Bangalore

Public Limited Company Registration in Bangalore? Solubilis provides fast and cost effective methods for company registration services for its clients in Bangalore. A minimum number of 7 persons are required to form a public limited company. The minimum number of directors in a public limited company is Two. The Company must have a paid-up share capital of Rs.5, 00,000 lakhs for incorporate a company. A public company is not a private company. The company name must end with a word as public limited company or PLC.

Company Registration in Bangalore


  • Larger amount of capital
  • Continuity of existence
  • Efficient management
  • Unity of direction
  • Limited liability

Steps and Process for public limited company registration

1. Make an application to one of the authorities to acquire a digital signature certifi- cate (DSC) for the applicant, one of the promoters/subscribers or for any authorized rep- resentative to provide for secured online interactions with MCA and in compliance with IT Act 2000.

2. File an Integrated e-Form INC_2936, which is now the composite single appli- cation form for reservation of name, a new company registration. The application is assigned for DIN. This e-Form should be accompanied by supporting documents including details of proposed subscribers and directors, MoA and AoA etc.

3. Select, in order of preference, a few suitable names, maximum being six in order of preference, each of which should inform as far as possible the main object of the pro- posed company.

4. The Promoter or applicant of the proposed company shall propose only 'One' Name in the e-Form. Once the e-Form is found to be processed. The company is registered and CIN would be assigned. Also DINs would get issued to the proposed Directors who do not have a valid DIN previously. Maximum three proposed Directors are allowed to be included in this integrated form for allotment of DIN while incorporating the company.

5. The ROC will then scrutinize the documents and the information filed for registration and then register the company and issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

6. The date given by the ROC on the Certificate of Incorporation will be the date of incorporation of the company and on that date, the company will come into being as a separate legal entity.

7. Please note that if you submit to incorporate a private limited company as a subsidiary of a public company, it will be processed as a public company.

8. Please also note that if your proposed company is going to be a credit information company, its authorized capital is minimum Rs. 30 crores, its issued capital is not less than Rs. 20 crores and its minimum paid up capital is not less than 75% of the issued share capital.

Documents to be submitted by Directors and Shareholders

1. Copy of PAN Card (self-attested & attested by gazetted officer)

2. Copy of Voter’s ID/Driver’s License/Passport (self-attested & attested by gazetted officer)

3. Copy of Electricity or Gas Bill /Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill(self-attested & attested by gazetted officer)

4. Latest Passport Size Photo 2 Copies.

5. Specimen signature

Documents to be submitted by Directors and Shareholders (Foreign Nationals)

1. Passport copy

2. Copy of Driver’s License/Voter’s ID/Passport/

3. Copy of Electricity or Gas Bill/Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/

4. Latest Passport Size Photo 2 Copies.

5. Specimen signature

Office Address Proofs

1. Copy of Latest Rental Receipt

2. Copy of Notarized Rental Agreement in English

3. Copy of Latest Bank Statement/ Electricity or Gas Bill/Telephone or Mobile Bill/

4. Copy of Property Deed /Sale Deed in English (in case of owned property)

5. Copy of No-objection Certificate from property owner Regards,